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tv   News  ABC  November 15, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EST

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dangers of bullying, a mother says it led to the death of her 10-year-old daughter. sandusky is speaking out. what he is saying about the child sex abuse allegations against him. that's straight ahead on this tuesday, november 15th. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. got to get to tonya, update on what is going on with traffic. a bad accident with injuries on the beltway, on the northwest side. let's take a look. using the camera from old court road on the outer loop, towards 795, see the flashing lights on the left of your screen, on the shoulder, there is where the accident is. we have a delay. it is with injuries. police say they were on the scene getting to the scene, beyond this accident here, you will see congestion to edmonton. this is causing a problem from
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the northwest side around to the west side of the beltway. elsewhere, traffic is moving a little bit better. this is 95 southbound at 32. no problems to report through savage towards laurel. 83 is find. 95 could take you 8 minutes and elsewhere, give your self extra time. topside and the northwest side. with your latest weather report, here is justin burke. take a look at the split screen. we've got ourselves rain to the northwest. that's showing up on the radar. this is the way it looks outside. looking at annapolis, u.s. naval academy and off towards tow zonksson,, it's dark and cloudy. a mild 64s we were near record territory as many of us hit the 70s yesterday. bonus sunshine helped to do that. we take our look at the safe
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harbor travel camera with charm city run, main street, in bel air, it was a beautiful day yesterday. that is not the case this morning. we are looking at the cloudy skies, showers will try to move in. we will talk about the chance for rain with the most powerful doppler radar in a moment. gabby giffords sat down for her first interview since shot in the head in january. linda so has more. >> she wants to first get better before she returns to congress. she sat down with diane sawyer, that was the first time since she was shot in the head at the event in tucson. she faced a long road to recovery since that happened in january. police say jered lawyerner pulled the trigger at her from three feet away. she has been through months of surgery and rehab. her husband and astronaut mark kelly, has been by her side for most of her recovery.
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she tells sawyer what her life is like now. >> how do you feel? >> pretty good. >> is it painful? is it hard? it's difficult. >> mark kelly documented his wife's recovery in a book which is released today. >> my kids are strong kids. my words to them forguidance and advice was going to have more weight than what these kids could be saying. >> she says her goal is to tell ashland's story so families could be spared her heart
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break. a special section, it's a place where parents and kids can read about bullying and and its impact. 20 signs your child maybe the victim of bullying. des moines iowa, same sex couples plans took a unexpected turn. a baker refused to supply a cake for their union. her convictions wouldn't let her do it. >> it is my right as a business owner. it is my right. it's not to discriminate against them. it doesn't have -- it's not to do with them as it's to do with me. my walk with god. what i will answer to him for. it shouldn't be a gay or straight issue. it's a people issue. >> the couple says they were shocked and looked at each other after they learn ed the baker would not provide a cake. which destination will be
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americans will spend money for thanksgiving dinner. $49.20 for the average feast for 10. we are working with you with tips to help you safe. clip the coupons and make a list. also think about stocking up on the baking supplies and skip the precut veggies and prepackaged items. >> the general rule of thumb is the more prepared a foods is, the more it's been cut and peeled and chopped up for you, the costlier it's going to be.
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if you want to save money, do those things yourself. >> to save on the meals biggest expense, finds the store offering a free turkey with a minimum grocery purchase. travel website orbit says lax will be the busiest. chicago o'hare and orlando are expected to be packed. website looked at how many flights were booked at the top 50 airports in the u.s. between november 23rd and 27th. if you are driving out of town for the holidays, expect to pay more. crude oil sin creasing by 20%. that is likely to lead to higher gas prices for you and me. u.s. crude oil is reaching near $100 a barrel. we could see gas topping out at a $4 a gallon mark again.
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arundel county police are searching for a suspect after alleged attempted abduction. i'm sherrie johnson, more coming up. a new recording released showing a local politician hiding evidence. i'm linda so what the former executive told his wife to do when fbi agents arrived at their house. need help with your mortgage? there is a convention in town that could provide that help. details straight ahead. 6:40 and 60 degrees in baltimore. this looks ominous, a long line, moderate to heavy rain, it could stick around. we will talk about when you will need the umbrella next. outer loop, 795s traffic backed up to reisterstown road. more details when good morning maryland continues. confidence, with depend in color. now available in gray.
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confidence. available in color. depend for women is now peach. looks and fits like underwear. same great protection. depend. good morning. great day. i'm a lot to get to on this tuesday, november 15th. linda so has developments involving former pg county
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executive accused of extortion. sherrie johnson is live in arundel with the newest on attempted abduction and kuren redmond is live letting us know what is done to help struggling homeowners. first to tonya. accident with injuries on the outer loop at 795. a live look at traffic camera from old court road. a delay because of this accident. this is actually topside of the bellway, stop and go to charles street. 795 at 695. the shoulder is closed and also the accident has the off ramp closed on the outer loop at 795. be aware it's going to take you extra time on northwest side of the beltway. if your weather, the latestwet, here is justin burke. weather not an issue today. it's mild, most of us between 60-65. maryland's most powerful doppler, high liting rain. dry around the beltway up to bel air, up 83 to pa.
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westminster, the stretch getting damp and back towards frederick we've got the rain as well. temperatures this morning rain range from the 50s, rain started to fall. holding at 60 baltimore. mids 60s around the bay including 63 easton. a mild start, temperatures won't move much from here, rain should move in to the area around lunchtime and annapolis, eastern shore in the afternoon. temperatures will slowly fall through the mid lower 60s, we will talk about colder temperatures behind that. update for you now on a developing story out of new york with the occupy wall street movement. new york police moved on this area, telling those in zuccotti park they needed to get out allowing the city time to clean the park. as many as 70 have been arrested. they are moved to foley square forage emergency general assembly starting at 7:00. we are following this on twitter bringing you updates as
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quickly as possible. this is what we are hearing from on the ground from the occupy movement. police are investigating an attempted abduction in severna park. sherrie johnson joins us live with the story. >> reporter: i've been on the phone this morning had a chance to talk to officers with the arundel county police department as well as the arundel county school public spokesperson. i had a chance to talk to him. officers are telling me this morning they are searching for a suspect in this case. this all comes after a girl reported an attempted abduction that happened yesterday. she says it was 9:30, she was walk along white oak drive across the street from the high school. a man driving a pickup truck grabbed, reached through the window and grabbed her arm. she was able to break free. she reported the incident to a resource officer, right now,
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there is no composite sketch but she told police the man was driving a dark green older model pickup truck with tinted windows o. officials sent out an email blast to students and parents, 6100 students in the severna park cluster to get the information out. parents and students are taking precautions to keep safe. >> the school spokesperson says that severna park high school starts at 7:17, it will be business as usual and there will be alerts to make sure students are safe. if you have information, call the criminal investigation divis, that number is 410-222- 3466. sherrie johnson, abc2 news.
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continuing coverage of the jerry sandusky controversy. former assistant coach, spoke up for the fist time since charged with molesting boys. in a phone interview, he said he is not a pedophile. when asked if he did anything wrong, he said she shouldn't have showered with the kids. >> i could say that, i have done some of those things. i have horsed around with kids. i have showered after workouts. i have hugged them. i have touched their leg without intent of sexual contact. >> sandusky is charged with 40 criminal counts. the indictment detailed sexual abuse of 8 boys he met through his charity the second mile. hear former executive jack johnson telling his wife to flush a check down the toilet. all in a recording released of the former executive telling his wife what to do to hide evidence.
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linda so is here with new information. >> the phone call happened as fbi agents arrived at jack johnson's home. you can hear the couple talking as agents are banging on the door. johnson and his wife pleaded guilty to k a senting hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and favors. hear the couple trying to find a $100,000 check that was a briefnlt johnson tells his wife to flush it down the toilet and tells his wife what to do with $80,000 in cash. >> what do you want me to do with this money? >> put it in your panties and walk out of the house. >> no. all of this cash , jack? >> put it in your panties. >> oh, my, god, okay. >> stuff it in your panties. >> johnson faces 40 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. they are due to be sentenced next month.
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salvador woman says deputies discriminated against her and she is suing. a judge is set to hear arguments in the case when she says she was targeted because she looked hispanic. deputies detained her for suspicious behavior when she tried to hide behind a shipping container. a check revealed her illegal immigration status. hoping to save their homes and thousands made their way to the convention center to meet with bankers to renegotiate loans. kuren redmond has details on the program. >> reporter: since friday, 8000 people have made their way down here to the convention center, it is the neighborhood assistance corporation of america. they help you with your mortgage. joining us now is darren, tell me, how important is it for people to get here today. it is the last day of the
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convention. it's important to come down, to start the process. if you have an un affordable mortgage, you can get a realtor, as low as 2% to reach your payment. people should come down to do that. if they don't make it we are heading to edson, new jersey and new york city november 17th through the 21st. they can look on line. >> what should they bring? >> they can find the info at n acc the most important thing is proof of income. that's the main thing. we can work with you on that. >> reporter: a key component is people are going to meet face to face with decision makers. >> hundreds of representatives are here from the major banks in the country. when they meet face to face , the bank can't run and they see your story and are here to
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help. >> reporter: sounds like a good program. a lot of people can get needed assistance. reporting live from downtown baltimore, kuren redmond, abc2 news. five they think so on this tuesday morning, at 10:00, stephanie rawlings blake will announce activities the city has planned for transgender remembrance day. celebrate today but the official day is set for sunday. port discovery childrens museum will open for free for children with disabilities. today through thursday, students and caregivers can explore the mew sneem a quieter, calmer environment.
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today he is hosting second annual 53 families ing dinner. mcclain will be telling his story of making for the nfl and be there for live entertainm. at the end of the event each family be sent home with a thanksgiving basket. it starts at 6:00 at the
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salvation army warehouse. you are going to want to stop and check this out. look at the these amazing images from space. next best thing to being an astronaut. photos were taken from the international space station and time lapse beside agerman videographer. that time lapse video available on line, go and check it out. that's what i was waiting for. beautiful images, now i got cool stuff to show you here on our satellite image. cool stuff, we start off in the low 60s in many spots. this is all distinctive line of rain. winds on the knot side, temperatures will tank. this line of rain extends all the way down to the deep south. wave trying to form and push acosthe rio grand in to texas. that important, that helps bring some moisture out of the gulf of mexico. a few streamers already east of new orleans, being injected in to this system. what we have now is rain back to the northwest side.
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that boundary slowly edging towards the east, we have the mild winds ahead of it. many of us start low to mid- 60s. maybe 58 in you backyard. especially north and west. the much cold iwet on the other side where the rain is falling. rain tries to move in today. taking all morning to move through. we will try to spread north and west to 95 by lunchtime. through the afternoon, slides through baltimore and annapolis and the eastern shore. could be wet on your drive home. better chance of rain tonight and tomorrow morning around this time, moderate rain and bands of moderate rain could education tend through the day tomorrow. wave of low pressure to the south. moderate to heavy rain to our east by thursday morning. we take that dive with the thermometer. 67 midday high. once you get rain it's going to trop the temperatures. we should be falling through the afternoon and could be wet by this afternoon.
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wet tonight. temperatures down to 50. tomorrow high temperatures 59. only in the 40s when the rain departs thursday morning. 49 friday and warming with dry weather this weekend. delays continue on the northwest side of the beltway due to a bad accident on the outer loop near 795. live look, traffic back up is going to be reisterstown road. the outer loop is hardly moving. under the bridge, flashing lights from police. this is blocking the off ramp to 795 northbound and also part of the shoulder. this is slow to edmonton avenue. quick look at 95, white marsh, a slow down there as well. everyone is trying to get on the outer loop once you reached the beltway, stop and go traffic as well. it's backing up on to 95 out of white marsh. we have slow traffic. stay with abc2 news coming up in 25 minutes, for more on weather and traffic and updates.
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